The Hypnotherapist’s Companion is the perfect book for improving your skills, running your practice, troubleshooting, legal issues, and all other aspects of successfully offering hypnotherapy, and a well-researched handbook for supervisors who are likely to be asked these questions themselves.

The day-to-day problems experienced by my students and supervisees as they develop their practices have inspired the content. And the questions they most often ask. I liked the idea of having handy answers to those questions gathered in one place – the result was this book.

How to run a hypnotherapy practice

The sections in the Hypnotherapist’s Companion are:

  • Balancing structure and flexibility in your therapy plans.
  • Developing your skills as a therapist.
  • Running and growing your business effectively.
  • Troubleshooting for those ‘What now?’ moments.
  • Therapists working with real-life clients suggest ‘questions from the front line’.

Find a complete chapter-by-chapter breakdown HERE.

Detailed legal and ethical research supports the answers provided, to bring you the best possible solutions to those questions we all face as we practice this wonderful career of ours.

Read The Hypnotherapist’s Companion as a complete work. Or dip in and out, looking for the information that you need right now, or that simply catches your eye. It can help students and newly qualified therapists develop and grow in their new careers. Equally, trainers and supervisors will find it a useful resource for working with students and supervisees.

I hope you enjoy it because I’ve certainly loved writing it. I would be happy to hear from you.

Debbie Waller

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