We’re including some reviews of the Hypnotherapist’s Companion here for your convenience. You can find many more on the book’s Amazon page. Thanks to all those who have taken the trouble to review the book.

Lynda Hudson, hypnotherapy author and children’s hypnotherapy expert:

Debbie Waller has provided a comprehensive and enormously helpful guide to good practice for hypnotherapists. This should prove invaluable to recently trained hypnotherapists. I would have liked to have this when I first started many years ago. I can’t think of a question which hasn’t been addressed! A book to keep to hand and I’m sure it will give you all the support you need.

Also an excellent reminder to therapists of much longer-standing … Debbie’s reference to the fact that your client notes are not solely for yourself was particularly apt for me today as I am referring a client to a psychiatrist. I’m going to have to spend a bit of time making my notes a tad more comprehensible to them!

All in all a true companion!

Marion Robb, Project Director, Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation and Moderator of Hypnotic Women Faceboook group:

This book is an invaluable resource for hypnotherapists at any stage of their practice. It unerringly targets the main questions about day-to-day practice that hypnotherapists encounter from the outset right through to seasoned practitioner, and focuses on the real questions practitioners bring to supervision – from treatment planning, through to business development, risk, self-care, and way beyond.

There are many books about “how to do hypnosis”, however, this book fills a much-needed gap in giving clear, practical and workable advice on how to work through all the common issues on developing good practice, as well as a wealth of “expert” issues aimed at the already highly proficient hypnotherapist. Whether you have been in practice for 3 months or a dozen years, all practitioners encounter issues daily where they need guidance on good practice they can’t always answer – having this book on your shelf to refer to will both answer your questions and add value to your work.

This is a book I will highly recommend to my own supervisees, as a thought-provoking and excellent resource for developing in practice, and I could not give it higher praise than that.

Pat Duckworth, Award-winning Author of ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques’

In ‘The Hypnotherapist’s Companion’, Debbie Waller provides a collaborative approach to constructing a therapy plan that takes into account where the client is starting from and where they want to get to. The approach is well-researched and illustrated with examples making it easy to follow and implement. Debbie also provides some actual questions from therapists with her responses. The approach is practical and will be helpful for new therapists as well as experienced therapists who are looking for a more consistent way of working with clients.

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