Published as a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, this book is a celebration of the talented and creative people who have passed through our doors.

I am constantly amazed by the skills of those we train and learn as much from them as I teach. I have no doubt you will be hearing more about all of those featured here, as they continue and grow within their careers. Some have already published books of their own, and no doubt others will do so in the future. Many support other therapists as well as seeing clients, so watch out for them as speakers, supervisors, trainers, and authors.

Debbie Waller

image of pencils to illustrate authors of metaphor toolbox

Joanne Ainley

Claire Castro

Rosie Cathro

Catherine Daycock

Gemma Dillon

Becky Fleet

Rachel Goth

Barbara Gravil

Christine Howson

Sarah Lamont

Carol Lightowler

Charlotte Knaggs

Steve Lovatt

Lara McClure

Lyn Palmer

Vanessa Place

Hilary Richardson

Marion Robb (Foreword)

Kathleen Roberts

David Sear

Brian Turner

Debbie Waller

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