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Anxiety to Calm: A Practical Guide to A Laid-Back Life is written by Debbie Waller, an experienced therapist specialising in anxiety management, and Rae Waller, an anxiety survivor. Our goal is straightforward. To provide a straightforward guide to navigating life with anxiety and putting it firmly back in its place.

We take you on an approachable, easy-to-follow exploration of anxiety and anxiety symptoms, seen from a dual perspective. Debbie Waller is an experienced therapist with a wealth of expertise that comes from helping anxious clients. Rae Waller is an anxiety survivor.

Together, we’ll navigate the ins and outs of anxiety. From understanding why it happens at all to suggesting simple coping strategies and lifestyle adjustments that put you back in control of what goes on in your head. We’re here to make a real difference in how anxiety affects your life.

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