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Books by Debbie Waller

metaphor toolbox paperback

The Metaphor Toolbox

An anthology of over 30 therapeutic metaphors on themes both traditional and modern that work equally well as hypnotherapy scripts, guided meditations, or when used conversationally during counselling or coaching sessions. Each one comes with notes to help you adapt it to your client or audience

an image of debbie and rae waller's book anxiety to calm, a practical guide to a laid back life

Anxiety to Calm

Anxiety to Calm: A Practical Guide to A Laid-Back Life is written by Debbie Waller, an experienced therapist specialising in anxiety management, and Rae Waller, an anxiety survivor. Our goal is straightforward. To provide a straightforward guide to navigating life with anxiety and putting it firmly back in its place.

Their Worlds, Your Words, images of books on a window sill

Their Worlds, Your Words

Everything you need to know about interviewing clients, building rapport, and developing personalised, effective session content, whether you work from scripts or off the cuff. It was a class discussion with my hypnotherapy practitioner students which inspired Their Worlds, Your Words.

illustration of the hypnotherapists companion book by debbie waller

The Hypnotherapist’s Companion

The Hypnotherapist’s Companion is the perfect book for improving your skills, running your practice, troubleshooting, legal issues, and all other aspects of successfully offering hypnotherapy, and a well-researched handbook for supervisors who are likely to be asked these questions themselves.

author debbie waller

About the Author

I am author Debbie Waller. I fell into hypnotherapy more or less by accident but now can’t imagine myself doing anything else. It’s a fantastic way to earn a living, and so rewarding to start other people off on the same path.

I run a busy practice in Yorkshire, which offers therapy, multi-accredited and internationally recognised hypnotherapy training, CPD for therapists, and hypnotherapy supervision. I am available as a speaker at supervision and peer support groups, as well as larger events. Please contact me for further information and availability.

I have a husband and two (adult) children and, in whatever spare time that leaves, I love reading, a mix of paperbacks and audiobooks. We are a pet household, too. I have two dogs, a very large fish tank and my husband and I share our home office with a tortoise.

Free online Magazine

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Free online magazine, filled with articles and information for therapists and therapy students

Hypnotherapy News

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A monthly newsletter with tips on business building and working with clients, links to research and more.

hypnotherapy training

Multi-accredited, internationally recognised hypnotherapy practitioner training.

CPD for therapists

Validated CPD for qualified therapists, Suicide Awareness & Prevention training.